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Cocotte bistro

The name itself shows that it is inspired by France and its address Francuska 11 (11, French street) is, therefore, very suitable. Inspired by the idea of small Parisian cafes and hotel bars, their famous cooks and bartenders, we have decided to try and bring that atmosphere closer to you so that we can all enjoy it. We want to cherish the tradition of hotel bars and we believe that one day our bistro will become as legendary as its French ideals.

Begin your day in Cocotte bistro with a perfect cup of coffee and a breakfast that only your grandma knew how to prepare, with love and from the bottom of her heart. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are to give you enough energy to continue the day.

We are also waiting for you to come to lunch, prepared by our highly experienced cooks. After a delicious meal you may have one of our cocktails suited to your requirements, or you may have a recommended digestive, just as the French would do.

When the stars appear in the sky, and the Moon too is there to greet us, we shall be with you to make you laugh and happy, to entertain you, by serving our sophisticated cocktails that will reach all your senses and awaken a hedonist in each of you.

Our wine list is carefully chosen. We are here to suggest and let wine speak for itself the way it can. As Paulo Koelo said: “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but the others, drink the whole bottle”.

Bistro is a place that you can enter at any time during the day and get just what you need. And we are here for you to give you a friendly and warm welcome every time when you drop by.

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