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Hotel Management Company

About us

Srbotel ltd, a hotel management company was founded in 2010 with the aim to manage hotels both in its ownership and in the ownership of other physical/commercial subjects.

Hotel management

If you own a hotel and want to let an expert team of hoteliers with a long-standing experience and good business results to manage it, we are ready to cooperate with you on a contract-management model basis. In that case, our team takes over the complete management of your hotel. You will no longer have to take care about operational level of the business, its legal aspects, sales and marketing nor about any other aspect of hotel management. You will be interested only in the results, and we can guarantee that it is in our mutual interest to achieve maximum gain from the hotel management. The task of the owner is only to monitor financial reports and plans and our team is here to realize them for you.

Hotel leasing

If you own a hotel and do not want to depend on its operational results, but only want to gain a guaranteed profit, the model for you could be hotel leasing, i.e. renting it out. Our company is interested in such hotel leasing with the aim to continue the operation of a hotel both in the country and abroad. We are interested in the locations in capital cities and some established destinations. The owner defines the rent price which does not depend on the hotel’s profit and we guarantee that it shall be paid regularly.

Hotel management asset

In every hotel there is a hidden potential for a better profit. It just has to be found. The potential could be internal (better organization in order to improve productivity, offering innovative products and services) or an external one (development of new markets, new marketing strategies). The objective is mutual – to better the long-term hotel operation, to enlarge operational profit. Asset management implies a wide specter of our team’s consulting activities in the domain of the hotel’s operational business, as well as reporting on hotel operation in order to achieve better business results. You shall gain a long-term improvement of hotel business through short-term business consulting of our team.

Building&Architectural hotel engineering

An experienced team of engineers from the firm Archittera ltd Beograd, which has already completed several hotel projects, offers various engineering services in building and renovation of hotels. On a turn-key basis we offer complete renovation ideas, development of main projects, analysis of the investment cost. What makes us stand out among the others is the fact that our team comprises experienced experts who know how to optimize the capacity of a hotel, are well-acquainted with the state-of- the-art technology which means that there will not be potential problems in the future exploitation of the object, which further means less cost of future hotel business and, therefore, better business results.

Business-financial consulting

Development of business plans together with market analysis is the first step toward an investment. The plan with profit projection, developed by a company which deals with hotel businesses, additionally increases its credibility in the application to the banks. Monitoring of the financial dealings represents an essential aspect of any enterprise, and adequate reports save time and make a good basis for business decision-making. Our team offers development of business plans, market analysis and monitoring of business dealings according to the worldwide standards.

If you need further information we shall be glad to provide them.

Yours sincerely,
Srbotel ltd Beograd..